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What We Offer

When it comes to providing regular pool care and maintenance, Crystal Clear Pools is the company to call. We have been serving Spring, TX, and its surrounding areas for more than 17 years already. For inquiries, call us today!

Weekly Maintenance

If you need anyone to regularly take care of your pools, we have the right people who can do it for you! This is a full service, so they will be in-charge of completing any of the following tasks on a weekly basis:

  • Adding Chemicals (if needed)

  • Brushing Tiles

  • Checking Water Levels

  • Closing Pool Gates

  • Emptying Baskets and Cleaner Bags

  • Leaf Netting

  • Leaving Door Hangers

  • Testing Water for Correct Chemical Amount

  • Vacuuming Pool and Spa Facilities

Pool Repairs

Regardless of your pool’s problem, you always count on us to provide a prompt, efficient service every time. This ensures your pool is restored to its proper, working order. Some of our repair and maintenance services include:

  • Concrete Pool Repairs

  • Fiberglass Pool Repairs

  • Filter Repairs

  • Heater and Light Checkups

  • Leak Detections

  • Liner Repairs

  • Pump Repairs

  • Tile and Coping Repairs

Sealant Applications

We use Rock Steel sealants to protect any natural stone surface from absorbing water, calcium, and salt deposits. It deeply penetrates into the substrate, consolidating and strengthening the stone. It also prevents saltwater erosion and delays efflorescence of any porous material.

In addition, Rock Steel sealants do not change the appearance of any surface; it actually becomes a part of the stone, absorbing deep into it and preventing saltwater buildups and porous rock erosions.


Isn't it time you consider giving your pool the makeover it deserves? Whether you need re-plastering, deck resurfacing, or tile and coping replacements, we can make it happen. With our competitive prices, you might be surprised how easy and affordable it can be. Call us now, and we’ll do any of the following:

  • Coping Replacements

  • Flagstone Decking

  • Mastic Applications 

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